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How to become an air hostess?

How to become an air hostess or steward ? Is it complicated? What are the procedures? I offer you a small overview of what awaits you!

Long stages to come to anticipate from school

Becoming an air hostess or steward cannot be improvised at the last minute! Often the culmination of a long life project, a career, the profession of cabin crew is the fulfillment of a dream for many passionate young girls and young men who dream of working in an airplane.


Although you have to be of legal age to send your application to the different airlines, you will need to make sure you have a good, if not an excellent level of English and a good command of one or more foreign languages. , even if you are targeting a French airline.

To be sure of having the required level, nothing beats studying language courses correctly from school but also outside by listening to podcasts in foreign languages, videos on Youtube or on Netflix.

Why is this so important?

The objective being to have a good enough level to face the recruitments and to obtain a

good TOEIC score, with a required score often higher than 700 points (out of a possible maximum of 990 points).

Depending on the companies for which you will apply, you will need the TOEIC or not. If this is the case (as in France), you will not have any English tests on the day of the interviews but if you apply for a foreign company, everything will then be done in the language of Shakespeare, and at that time , you will quickly be eliminated if your level does not follow.

A sometimes costly process

In addition, beyond mastering foreign languages, becoming an air hostess or steward can be quite expensive, especially when you are young or in professional retraining.

Indeed, you will have to pass the CCA if you are targeting a French company, the TOEIC and the

medical examination.... Not to mention the additional costs to go to recruitment, buy the costume to present yourself well and the make-up for the hostesses.

But don't worry, concerning the CCA, many companies (EasyJet, Volotea, Ryanair, etc....) train internally in return for a loyalty requirement for a fixed period or a salary deduction for a few months .

For my part, I think the game is worth the candle, isn't living from your passion a dream for many?

You will probably have to move

You may not know it, but all airlines have what are called bases, i.e. airports where planes are permanently parked. For example, at

Air France, you have Charles de Gaulle or Orly, for Lufthansa Berlin or Munich for example. This implies that you will not necessarily have the chance to have an airport with an operational base,

especially if you live in the provinces. Obviously, this is not impossible, especially with low-cost airlines which favor small local airports, which are much cheaper in taxes and other fees. So, when applying, you should keep in mind that you may have to move and leave your city. Unless you are lucky enough to have a company (for which you would like to work!) in the airport near you.…

To sum up, becoming a cabin crew member is a long, potentially expensive process that requires sacrifices in your personal life. Keep in mind that you will be confronted with many candidates as motivated as you during the recruitment sessions (for my part, I had to face around 200 candidates for 20 places…) but if this is your passion, then go for it! Do not hesitate to browse the various articles already online. In each of them, I deal with a specific topic to help and guide you.

PS: and above all, don't hesitate to share! 😃

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